Livestream: Lark Your Way To Success: A webinar series for business growth and sustainability
The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed businesses, both large and small, to pivot and transform their operations and adapt to new ways of working.

The abrupt change has not been easy, with many businesses caught off guard, without the tools, resources and capability to transition to what has been dubbed The New Normal.

Lark’s New Normal Business Council and Mentorship Program aims to provide these businesses with the necessary information and support to not just survive but thrive. The program is composed of a series of webinars and online consultations with industry experts and resource speakers in various fields of business. The goal is to equip businesses with as much information and tools to allow them to bounce back from the challenges brought about by pandemic.

Join this webinar to learn:
Track 1: Adapting to the New Ways of Work
November 10, 2020 | 2pm to 4pm
Joey Lim
The “New Normal” Workplace: Global and Regional Perspective
Joey Lim
Vice President of Sales, APAC in Lark
RJ Ledesma
What you Need to Know Now and How to Prepare for the New Ways of Work (Local Perspective)
RJ Ledesma
Co-founder of Mercato Centrale, EnterPh and Easy Franchise
Host, The RJ Ledesma Podcast and Bright Ideas on
One News
Track 2: Evolving for the Future
November 24, 2020 | 2pm to 4pm
Cat Avelino
Best Practices in Adopting “New Normal” Ways of Working: Global and Regional Cases
Cat Avelino
Head of Communications - Philippines, Lark
Francis J. Kong
Managing Teams and Resources Remotely: the Dos and Don’ts
Francis J. Kong
Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Columnist
Local Case Studies Segment
Track 3: Innovating with Technology3
December 3. 2020 | 2pm to 4pm
Andeed Ma
The Way Forward: Making Technology Work for You
Andeed Ma
Regional Lark Product Specialist
Carlo Ople
Employee Engagement and Collaboration - The Remote Way
Carlo Ople
Digital Entrepreneur
James Deakin
Managing Engagements Seamlessly and Efficiently
James Deakin
Automotive Journalist, Events Host and News Anchor at CNN Philippines
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